Acting on the unique cultural belief to "show the history and culture of Kunming", New Era Hotel has in several years forged hotel products characterized in local cultures of Kunming: Brand of executive floor of "Liu Jin Sui Yue" and "Fan Hau Shen Chu", brand of nuptial banquet of "Liang Xin Xiang Xv,Qian Shou Yi Sheng", brand of top-grade banquet of "Ba Ying Sheng Yan", and brand of mid-autumn festival moon cake of " Hao Yue Kunming ", getting high praises from guests. Other floors are themed by different topics of customs, humanity, and scenes of Yunnan Province:
◎ Topic of Floor 18 (Culture of Middle Yunnan)
   Kunming - A city where spring always stays
◎ Topic of Floor 19
  Chuxiong - Cradle of ancient human civilization
  Yuxi - Colorful and harmonious water country on tableland
◎ Topic of Floor 20 (Culture of West Yunnan and North Yunnan)
  Dali - Romantic Love and Friendship
◎ Topic of Floor 21
  Lijiang - Beautiful bridges and steams in peace

◎ Topic of Floor 22 (Culture of East Yunnan)
  Nujiang River - The great legend of the earth
  Diqing - Pure land guards pure hearts
◎ Topic of Floor 23
  Dehong - The romantic time of a nation
  Baoshan - The ancient county concealed in West Yunnan
◎ Topic of Floor 24 (Culture of South Yunnan)
  Xishuangbanna - The song of tropical rainforest
  Lincang - Supernatural secret of Washan Mountain
◎ Topic of Floor 25
  Honghe - The poem lines inscribed in the earth
  Wenshan - The heavenly resort at a land of karst
Guests at floors with different topics will go into the landscape of the miraculous land of Yunnan. The hotel provides guests with the rapture in seeing or feeling beautiful landscape, diversified customs, and colorful urban life.